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Windom Peaks Capital, LLC is a full-service capital advisory and merchant banking firm dedicated to providing its clients with effective merchant consultation, interim operating assistance, and optimum positioning in securing (i) targeted financings, and (ii) mergers and acquisitions, or divestitures, as the case may be, at client valuations which, in each case, favor the client. In pursuing this objective, Windom Peaks caters to the individualized needs of its investment banking clients.

We enter only those deals where we will add significant value and where our contributions can help assure a successful transaction.

Our expertise and concentration is in assisting seed, start-up and early-stage companies in securing venture capital private placements (deals aggregating more than $100 million in total), in smaller and middle market companies in connection with financial and/or operational re-engineering assignments for which we have been retained, and in advising and representing clients both in leveraged buyouts (deals aggregating more than $1.25 billion in total) and in mergers & acquisitions (deals aggregating more than $7 billion in total).  While our typical transaction involves a financing or business valued between $1 million and $100 million, we have been retained, from time-to-time, to work on transactions valued well in excess of a $1 billion.

In the area of targeted financings, both for start-ups and growing businesses, our extensive experience with the venture capital communities in Silicon Valley and along the I-128 corridor in Massachusetts (and now the quickly burgeoning former LBO now VC community in New York City), combined with our decades-long relationships with some of the largest and most prominent leveraged buyout firms in New York City, provide our Colorado and Utah-based clients with opportunities not otherwise available from local sources.  Additionally, our extensive corporate backgrounds as executives working inside both start-ups and major corporations, allows us to share the business owner’s perspective and thus puts us in the optimal position to provide the best possible long-term advice to the client and his or her business.

In the mergers & acqusitions arena, our expertise lays the groundwork for successful mergers & acquisitions and for subsequent growth financing and control transactions with both strategic, as well as financial, investors.  The post-merger & acquisition services which we offer are achieved  by raising a company’s profile within both the retail and institutional investment community.

In the area of divestitures, our extensive “sell-side” experience as advisors to the managements of companies (or company divisions) that have been successfully sold in the past, allows us to provide comprehensive advice and business wisdom concerning virtually any problems that might emerge on the road to final consummation of the sale.  Besides performing the analysis to correctly assess the market value of the company or division being sold, the deep experience and practical wisdom we possess about  how to solve virtually any problem that might arise in the context of the sale of a company or one of its divisions, is perhaps the most valuable thing we can bring to the table and is the area in which none of our local competitors can effectively compete with us.

Overall, Windom Peak’s principals have:

  • Participated in transactions whose aggregate market value exceeds $7 billion;
  • Achieved greater than 95% success rate on transactions;
  • Averaged 180 days from start of assignment to term sheet.


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As an independent merchant banking firm expert in bringing buyers and sellers together for equity, mezzanine and debt structured investments, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, we turn challenges into opportunities. We serve the seed stage, early stage and middle markets, where companies typically lack adequate professional representation and access to the resources critical to achieving their goals when buying, selling or growing businesses.