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Merchant Banking: Providing Trustworthy Advice


The importance of the right advice, sound business judgment, thorough diligence and creativity in effecting successful transactions is a cornerstone philosophy at Windom Peaks Capital.   Our professionals provide clients with informed, senior-level advice in a manner that empowers us to develop creative and effective solutions for the multitude of financial and strategic challenges all companies face.  When we sell a business, arrange financing, prepare a valuation or provide any other advisory services, our clients’ goals take top priority.

Our mandate is to add real value to our client companies.  We bring to the investment process:

  • Merchant banking and corporate finance expertise
  • Experience in navigating the sale and investment process
  • Relationships with major corporations, private equity groups, senior and subordinated lenders, accountants and attorneys
  • Responsibility and flexibility
  • Creativity in arranging optimal transactions
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment

Windom Peaks offers a unique combination of merchant banking professionals who understand the nuances of complex situations and have track records of successfully completing challenging assignments and transactions. Knowledge and experience make a difference not only in developing the right advice, but also in providing guidance and support for clients facing difficult decisions in new, unfamiliar circumstances.

Windom Peaks fosters extended relationships with clients, investors and buyers alike. These relationships assist middle market business owners in dealing with the multitude of growth and liquidity challenges when key strategic turning points inevitably arise.

The firm’s deep financial, analytical and strategic experience provides management teams with proven advice on optimizing capital structure, assisting with strategic collaborations, negotiating joint ventures, and crafting short and long-term business strategies.

Our principals and staff realize that to successfully complete any type of corporate transaction requires hard work and hands-on assistance to overcome countless obstacles. We combine significant resources and skills with the ability to give consistent, individual attention to each client and each situation. We view every engagement as unique and focus on providing clients with creative alternatives that can be executed in the marketplace. We are expert in organizing seemingly conflicting desires and requirements into clear objectives, and understand how to design, justify, and consistently deliver successful and unique strategies for successful and unique situations.

When facing financial challenges the importance of the right advice is clear. At Windom Peaks we help management teams gain a fundamental understanding of the various capital alternatives to achieve their goals during uncertain times. We team with management utilizing our hands-on approach so that we develop an in-depth understanding of the business, its strengths and challenges. We regularly assist stakeholders, including companies, creditors and other parties of interest, in:

  • Assessing the risks and opportunities inherent in the Company’s business plan
  • Developing, evaluating and negotiating financing alternatives
  • Acting in the role of financial crisis advisor
  • Finding the right strategic or financial partner

Contributing to our successes are solid relationships with nationally recognized business executives, corporate and bankruptcy attorneys, financial institutions and investor groups.

Access to Solutions

Windom Peaks offers our clients a value-added philosophy of corporate financial solutions – providing not merely capital access, but solution access. Our advisory services assist our clients in partnering with key industry leaders and experienced professional service providers, who recognize, challenge and even improve on a company’s idea. By providing expert advisory services, including valuations and strategic planning, we can position our client companies for growth, private offerings, recapitalizations, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or other strategic initiatives.

Whether its seed financing or other early stage capital, growth financing, working capital cash flow enhancement ,or long-term financial support Windom Peaks provides an assessment of a company’s financial needs and wherewithal, determines an optimal capital structure and delivers a “sources and uses” analysis.  To further support client companies we prepare financing packages and present the opportunity to select investors.  Our capital services begin with fundamental questions.

Financial Performance Analysis

Windom Peaks provides the skills, resources and experience to address financial and operating challenges and to guide a company to corporate health.  Whether for a new enterprise aiming at managing growth or for an established company in need of a quick and effective turnaround strategy our professionals deliver tangible results fostering economic prosperity.


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As an independent merchant banking firm expert in bringing buyers and sellers together for equity, mezzanine and debt structured investments, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, we turn challenges into opportunities. We serve the seed stage, early stage and middle markets, where companies typically lack adequate professional representation and access to the resources critical to achieving their goals when buying, selling or growing businesses.