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Windom Peaks Capital’s principals have extensive experience in the creation, development, financing, staffing, and execution of significant strategic growth concepts, both as financial intermediaries and as advisors. This experience assists Windom Peaks Capital’s principals in identifying quality emerging growth companies and in working with management to achieve the corporate vision. Windom Peaks has established an enviable track record of successfully advising emerging growth firms on the most effective strategies to create value.

Windom Peaks is committed to achieving client objectives in a responsive and professional manner. This is accomplished by providing clients with access to the financial tools necessary to fully realize their potential, while creating optimum shareholder value.

Maximizing Client Value

Windom Peaks provides professional assistance in the positioning and “packaging” of corporate clients to achieve optimum value in the execution of business objectives.

Windom Peaks specializes in developing and presenting its client’s key assets for maximum impact in the financing process, and then carefully selecting investment sources that match the clients’ profile.

Client Profile

Clients served by Windom Peaks have demonstrated their ability to succeed, but may now require additional business resources to execute their full market potential.

The global clients served by Windom Peaks have generally been in a number of sectors including information technology, distribution, telecommunications and emerging technology.

These client companies usually exhibit many of the following characteristics:

  • Visionary management
  • Limited capital
  • Technology based products and services
  • Moderate book value
  • Significant market potential
  • Specialized distribution channels
  • Strong case for expansion
  • Financing requirements range from $30 million to $1+ Billion

The Windom Peaks Edge

Windom Peaks is committed to achieving client objectives as the client competes for strategic positioning in an increasingly dynamic market environment. Extraordinary attention to detail along with exceptional access to a worldwide network of financial and strategic corporate investors sets Windom Peaks apart from traditional capital advisory groups.

Windom Peaks’ preparation, responsiveness, focus and selectivity (undertaking few concurrent assignments) has enabled it to provide clients with the resources necessary to grow and compete effectively in the new millennium.

Windom Peaks’ seasoned team of professionals work diligently to achieve this successful outcome through a network of “blue-chip” organizations . This network is based upon direct personal relationships with top industry executives developed over the past thirty-five years.

Long-Term Growth Partners

Windom Peaks provides a broad range of services to assist companies in achieving their objectives.

These services include:

  • Restructing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business plan development
  • Strategic partner development
  • Market research & analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Joint venture development
  • International expansion strategy
  • Investor relations programs
  • Management/Board recruitment
  • Interim management
  • Counseling of senior executives

Commitment to Excellence

Why should you choose Windom Peaks as your capital advisor?

  • Completion of a broad range of major financings (both as a Principal and as a capital advisor).
  • An international network of key industry and financial contacts.
  • Experience as top operating executives in Fortune 500 companies and successful emerging-growth companies.
  • Ability to effectively evaluate emerging technologies in competitive niche markets.
  • Absolute commitment to the client’s success.

Windom Peaks’ Track Record

Over the past thirty-five years Windom Peaks’ principals have participated as founding management or capital advisor in successfully financing companies in t he following industry segments:

  • Retail operations
  • Telecommunication products and services
  • Wireless communications
  • Information technology
  • Travel
  • Infrastructure development
  • Satellite based sensor technologies
  • Personal computer software
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • OTC pharmaceutical products
  • Medical devices
  • Advertising services
  • Forest products
  • Office products
  • E-commerce ventures



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